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Between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bravo’s reality show “The Shahs of Sunset,”” and the lingering suspicions of a nuclear program, Iranians living in America may be in need of some good P.R. right about now.

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Bindi Irwin found love right at home.
"It was incredible," added Bindi, 17. "I was like, 'This guy from Florida's okay!' "

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At home, she received the care of an "experienced nurse" and two caregivers, though there was no documentation of her temperature readings or other records of her recovery. That night, she took Vicodin for pain, slept and felt better in the morning.


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“When women won’t talk to you, it’s heart breaking. Why are they fussy with men now days?”?Who do you think wrote that sentence? Maybe an angst-ridden teenage boy who just hasn’t yet figured out the opposite sex — or perhaps even a lonely young adult frustrated with his dating life. These are the type of sentiments you hear all the time from frustrated single men. No big deal, right? But here is another sentence written by the same person: “All women needs to die and hopefully next time I can gauge their eyeballs out.”

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Dandy’s mother suggested to him that he is murderous because he’s inbred. Did it really matter to you episode by episode why he’s a psycho killer, or do you just play what you’re given?

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One of my authors, and it very well might have been you, said that you have to show up every day for the work because if you don’t show up you won’t know what will happen. I try and show up every morning, early, before the demands of the day take hold. Of course, I can’t always, but I do my best. ?I’m incredibly disciplined, almost to a fault. When I wrote my second novel, “The Life Room,” I told myself that I would wake up every morning and write five pages in my notebook and would not read anything beyond the last two pages I’d written. I followed that course until I had a first draft. This novel was different. ?It came in spurts and then I put it aside for interrogation, and this process repeated itself again and again. Writing is not a chore. It is a necessity and a delight. I read an interview in the Paris Review recently with John Banville. He quoted Auden with the saying that a writer should be loaded with as much trauma as children as they can bear and unfortunately my childhood was filled with it and writing became a way of reckoning. I feel most myself when I’m writing. But with that said, I have as much a desire to escape from it after I’ve put in my daily hours. I’m intensely self-critical and I never feel as if what I’ve committed to paper expresses the full scope or nuance of what I’d hoped for. The self-scrutiny is tortuous, as much as a delight, and I’m happy to leave it alone and tend to my full life outside of writing. It’s a privilege to work at a publishing house in which its ideals and books we publish match my own expectations of quality and excellence. ?And it is an honor to work with writers I admire and respect.

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